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Procedury bezpieczeństwa Sprawdź jakie procedury stosujemy, aby zadbać o bezpieczeństwo gości.

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Our activities in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic


 In connection with such a difficult challenge that is coronavirus (SARS-COV-2), which we all faced, we would like to inform you that we are currently monitoring reports on SARS-COV-2 and the dynamically changing situation caused by it. We implemented precautions to ensure a safe stay in our hotel. And we've also prepared a full list of specific activities covering all areas of the hotel. Check below.


  • Dear Guest – remember – if you are sick, postpone your stay - if you show up at the hotel with symptoms of illness, the hotel reserves the right not to check you in, with a not refundable down payment.

  • Temperature measurement (non-contact thermometer) at the check-in of each guest to the hotel; in case of low-grade fever and illness it prevents the guest from being admitted to the hotel, the procedure can be repeated - the hotel employee decides.

  • Masks or plexiglass covers used by hotel staff.

  • The reception employee disinfects the reception desk, phones, keyboard and mouse depending on traffic.

  • Systematic disinfection of doors, door handles, reception area, bellboy, handrails, terminals, room cards, etc.

  • Introducing a limit on the number of people, waiting in the line for reception and designating a place to wait in the hotel lobby. Keeping the right distance between quests in the line. There is a maximum of 2 guests at the reception counter (or familly with children).

  • Minimizing the Guest's time at the reception desk.

  • Providing a hand sanitizer for Guests in the reception hall, next to the restaurant and other key places.

  • We suggest that all payments take place without cash (contactless with cards).

  • Informing the Guests about the procedures in place at the hotel (providing the Guests with a safety procedure, whose acceptance and use must be confirmed by the signature of the guest).

  • It is strictly forbidden for unregistered persons to stay in the hotel room.

  • Due to increased safety procedures related to room cleaning, the hotel day will be from 16:00 to 12:00.


  • The rooms are regularly ventilated, ozonized and additionally refreshed just before the arrival of guests.

  • Due to the limitation of direct contact between employees and guests, daily creaning takes place on request.

  • If the Guest wishes to come with his own bed linen - we invite you - please inform us in advance.

  • If you need to change a towel, take out the trash or add other necessary things, please call the reception at internal number 400.

  • All activities will be performed in the absence of Guests in the room.

  • In public spaces we have included instructions on compliance with health and safety rules.

  • A room service employee must wear gloves.

  • Dirty hotel underwear is packed in a room.

  • Common areas - corridors and toilets are regulary disinfected.


  • Providing a hand sanitizer for Guests at the entrance to the restaurant.

  • Introduction of safe distances between tables / chairs in all rooms in the restaurant.

  • Disinfecting tables, trays, menu cards etc., changing tablecloths, brewing cutlery, after each guest.

  • Employees use protective masks and gloves.

  • The restaurant is regularly ventilated and disinfected.

  • Room service - it is efficient organization of serving meals to hotel rooms with all necessary safety rules. 


  • Providing a hand sanitizer for Guests.

  • The conference rooms are regularly ventilated, ozonized and additionally refreshed.

  • Maintaining safe distances for training participants..

  • Disinfection of all toys in play room, regularly ventilated, ozonized and additionally refreshed play room.

  • Disinfection of hotel elevators.


  • Providing a hand sanitizer for Guests at the entrance and exit to the swimming pool.

  • A limited number of people using the pool area at the same time.

  • Safe distances between deckchairs.

  • Compliance with hygiene rules of the users of the comples - obligatory and careful bathing and washing the whole body under the shower before entering the pool hall. Mandatory passage to the pool hall through the foot disinfection paddling pool.

  • Keeping a safe distance of people 

  • Limitation of sauna activity - only a dry sauna providing a temperature higher than 60 °C. 

  • Limiting the number of people using the sauna at one time to 2 people at the same time or to several people living together.

  • The mandatory use of barefoot saunas, without the outer covering, except for a towel or Hammam (the sauna door must remain closed to maintain the desired temperature).

  • In children's pool and jacuzzi when it is not possible to maintain social distance (1,5-2m), it is recommended to use them individually or in case of several people living together.

  • Regular ventilation and disinfection of deckchairs, door handles, faucets in washbasins and showers, etc.

  • Use by reception staff in the pool complex protective masks.


  • Providing a hand sanitizer for Guests.

  • Limit on the number of people who can stay at the SPA Center and Salt Cave.

  • Booking by email or telephone.

  • Employees use protective masks and gloves.

  • The SPA salons are regularly ventilated, ozonized and additionally refreshed.

  • The entire stand is thoroughly cleaned after each client.

  • Only the client and the SPA Center employee can stay in the SPA salon.


  • Absolute compliance with work in masks, gloves, frequent disinfection of devices, washing hands etc., by all employees in a space where contact with guests may occur.

  • Training employees to take special security measures. Conducting an information campaign for staff regarding specific precautions to Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and WHO recommendations.

  • Measuring the temperature (non-contact thermometer) at the arrival of each employee to work, in the case of low-grade fever and disease symptoms, posting the employee home.

  • Providing a hand sanitizer for employees - an easily accessible and visible dispenser in the back room of the hotel, cloakrooms.

  • Additional disinfection of common areas dedicated for employees.

  • Stay indoors where it is possible for up to 2 people and / or keep a safe distance.


  • Conducting an information campaign for Guests regarding specjal precautions.

  • Application of Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and WHO recommendations, which will be top-down recommendations.

  • Systematic control of the code implementation by the managerial staff.

Dear Guests!

We care for our Guests and employees by introducing all these additional measures to ensure their best well-being and maximum safety. Our employees have been informed of the guidelines approved by the WHO and local health authorities. They are ready to help any Guest who may feel bad. We run daily meeings with our employees to review every important situation and constantly communicate with relevant health authorities to keep our Guests and employees informed about existing regulations and proposed new solutions.

With due respect

Andrzej Malinowski

General Director of Hotelu Żubrówka**** Białowieża

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