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Green Velo - MPR Places Friendly to Cyclists

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The Green Velo Eastern Bicycle Route is the most spectacular bicycle project ever implemented in Poland, over 2,000 km of a specially marked route, which from the beginning to the end was prepared to give joy of traveling and learning.

The trail leads through five provinces of eastern Poland.

You can start your adventure on the trail at any point. You can travel alone, with your family or with friends. You can go from north to south or from south to north. Start at the ends of this route or somewhere in the middle, choosing what fascinates you. Green Velo shows the beauty of Eastern Poland at its best, with a palette of colors, scents and flavors that you will not find anywhere else.
Cyclist-friendly Places are an important element of the tourist product development concept The GreenVelo Eastern Bicycle Route. Hotel Zubrowka**** Bialowieza joined the group of entities recommended as a Friendly Place for Cyclists.
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