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In addition to the conference facilities, we offer you a wide range of additional attractions that will make your meeting and company trips unique and unique. By organizing all attractions, we strive to meet every request of our guests.

Bialowieza and it's surrounding along with numerous paths and routes are ideal for holidays for those who love active leisure and close contact with nature.

We provide the service of hire professional guides in Polish and English, Russian or German. We encourage you to visit the biggest attractions of Bialowieza - European Bison Show Reserve, Museum of Nature and Forest, Palace Park, Places of Power, Area of Exact Protection and the Royal Oaks Trail.

Easy, light and pleasant program consisting of country style fun with a large dose of humor!
We divide the group into two competing and quarreled villages and proceed to the work...
The competition is attended by people who apply as part of their sub-group.

The original form of tasting craft alcohols in the form of a social game.
Players compete for who will feel more, better recognize the taste, type, ingredient and at the same time will score the result.

ESCAPE THE ROOM type game, arranged in the rooms of the Żubrówka Hotel. Dedicated to historical or contemporary, real or fictional events and people associated with Białowieża and the Bialowieza Forest.
The goal is obvious but not easy - unravel the puzzle and get out!

Participants say that this is an escape room but not in a hotel room but in Białowieża and in the Forest.
An exciting game with many references to the history of the place, to the local culture and of course the unique nature...

The game can be carried out on foot or on bicycles!

The Tsar's Pub together with the bartenders invite all guests to continue the evening with a drink and dance evenings on the indicated days with popular music.

Bon fire in the heart of the Bialowieza Forest

We can organize a bonfire within the sports complex, under a roofed barn or at the clearing in the heart of the Bialowieza Forest located 5 km away from the hotel, we also provide a musical setting for a regional musician or band.
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