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December 21‘

Tennis courts We invite all fans of tennis

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CONIPUR® TENIS FORCE is a tennis surface made on the basis of components of the renowned Swiss company CONICA Technik .The surface has identical properties of the game as on a brick court. Unlike traditional clay court it is always perfectly even, during the game there is no cavity in it from footwear.

Unlike traditional clay courts, the CONIPUR® TENIS FORCE surface can be used immediately after rainfall.

CONIPUR® TENIS FORCE - surface of courts for all weathers, its advantages and properties:

  • perfectly transmits water, suitable for playing right after the fall,
  • even reflection of the ball on the entire surface,
  • even and constant hardness of the entire surface,
  • excellent sliding properties.
  • quiet neighborhood, professional lighting system, easy access - only with us.

All week at the desk, fatigue, stress - relax on our courts ...

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